Healing from C-PTSD with Visual Journaling

Sharing my process of visual journaling here. This is one of the tools that has been helpful for me in my healing journey from multiple traumas. I have also experienced the impact of generational and past life trauma. Professionally, I am an Energy Healer, Fine Artist, Card Reader and Creator of the Sacred Journey Medicine Cards Deck. This is my website. A Kundalini awakening when I was 16 has had a big impact on my life. In my experience, the Kundalini process brings all trauma to the surface to be healed.

Stack of Visual Journals going back to 2015.

Card 47 – Sacred Journey Medicine Cards

Message for Card:

The Screaming Child

The screams of the Child suddenly pierce your awareness, demanding to understand why you have had to endure such heartbreak. If you have suffered this pain and loss quite recently, you may be asking yourself, where is the Divine Creator in this picture? If it occurred at a tender age, where were the human caretakers who were charged with protecting you? Pegasus comes to you as a messenger to make use of your highflying imagination. This mythical winged divine stallion, with his ability to overcome his own trauma, embodies the light and rises above the suffering to embrace freedom. Fly with him. From above, observe the experiences that have shaped you. From here you can safely formulate a plan of healing. Call upon your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others in the realm of the divine to help you do the work that will comfort and restore the little ones within you who are demanding to be heard.

Pegasus Float photograph, La Paz, Baja California Sur.

Images from my Visual Journals provide the background art for the cards. After scanning the artwork, I added the photography with Photoshop.

Pages from yesterday

I use many materials to create my images. Watercolor pencils, watercolors and bleeding tissue paper are among my favorites. I use a printmaking process by working with two pages at a time and closing the journal to create a print. I allow the images (and words at times) to come forth without too much of a preconceived notion of where I am going.

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Visual Journaling Continued… For self discovery and healing

Visual Journal pages

Recent pages that represent the fragmentation I have experienced on my journey this lifetime. Parts are coming together in the process of healing. This has been a long and often painful process, but I find myself feeling more whole with time. Grateful for the love of family and friends. I have utilized many methods including EMDR, Neurofeedback, Meditation and Psychedelic therapies. Ketamine infusions have been quite powerful. You can view a 12 minute clip from an infusion on my Youtube Channel.

Visual Journal pages

A visual exploration of the anger that I have felt about all of the trauma I have experienced. I find myself in a burning building with only one way out, but it is high up and hard to reach. The ladders are broken and the structure is falling down. It appears that nobody is coming to rescue me.

Working with an Energy Healing Client

Bringing in Spirit is uplifting. I feel connected to Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels and other beings when I do this work. Our dog Andie likes to work with me as well. I have incorporated some of my hand dyed fabrics and images from my Sacred Journey Medicine Cards deck into this piece.

Sacred Journey Medicine Card



On a long and confusing journey, you come to a junction in the road and find a Colt there waiting. Out on its own, this young horse is finding its way, expanding its sense of self. You may feel lost at this juncture, but you will gradually discover a new fortitude and internal compass. Colt delivers a message of strength and independence, showing itself to you as a sign that you have what it takes to expand your personal freedom. Horse Medicine supports your need for autonomy, and Colt’s young spirit provides the energy and motivation to carry you through new terrain. Listen for the invitation to follow a newly emerging purpose, and follow your instincts to find your way out of the maze you have felt you were in. You are developing the power and endurance you need, and soon you will have all the resources necessary to carry you through.

Colt photograph, Montana, USA.

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Hummingbird Photography – Featuring Photography by Mel Hofmann

Fine Artist, Mel Hofmann began her journey with hummingbird photography when she received a DSLR camera as a Christmas gift from her wife in 2009. Prior to this, she had been creating fine art textiles and digital art in her Berkeley, California Studio. Hummingbirds became her favorite subject and provided the perfect opportunity for her to learn a lot about digital photography. In the process, she also learned a great deal about their behavior which she has documented in her photographs. She started by using the Sports setting on her Nikon D60 (upgraded since then) and discovered that using longer lenses allowed her to capture the shots that she was seeking. With some photography classes, she learned how to use the manual settings on her camera.

Patience and taking many shots while hummingbirds are feeding, bathing, resting, collecting nesting materials, building nests and tending to their chicks are the keys to getting quality images in addition to a good camera. Where Mel lives in California, both Anna’s and Allen’s hummingbirds are common. A garden can supply all the habitat required unlike some parts of the USA where feeders are more commonly used. Natural light in the early morning and late afternoon are ideal for getting the best photographs. Mel has explored gardens all over the San Francisco Bay Area to capture her best shots. She has also included one of her Backyard nesting photographs on one of the cards in her Sacred Journey Medicine Cards deck. A collection of her fine art photography including hummingbird photography is included on her website. Please contact her to inquire about purchasing prints.  


The mother Hummingbird meticulously lays down twigs, leaves, spider webs, and bits of lichen to form a strong, soft nest. She cares for her eggs until they hatch. As the chicks grow, the nest opens, flattens, and forms a platform launching their new lives. Before fending for themselves, finding their own nectar and insects, their mother cares for them for an additional week. Nesting Hummingbird may come when you’re almost ready to make a change or embark on an adventure. This is both terrifying and thrilling, as both risk and adventure await. By always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, Hummingbird reminds you to be vigilant now, searching out the sources of nourishment to survive this change. Keep replenishing your energy stores. Recognize how far you have come and honor your journey as a survivor with the potential to thrive. 

Anna’s Hummingbirds photograph, Berkeley, California, USA.